Catering Sector at the tournament place

The appetising catering at the “Fest der Pferde” is just as divers as the event itself. Enjoy a snack or a meal while watching the competitions. Breakfast, coffee, cake, sausages and fries, sweets and ice-cream or a three-course meal, there is something for every taste. Situated around the central jumping court you can take a seat while watching the tournament events.

The large catering sector located directly next to the jumping arena is know for its food and atmosphere.


At the Fest der Pferde we welcome our guests everywhere and there exists no VIP-area. However, please be aware that it might be necessary to reserve a table during the evening in our catering sector operated by Genussmanufaktur by Daniel Richter. For reservations just follow this link and book a table with view.  

Festival Tent at the tournament place

At the opposite side you will find the festival tent operated by DJK Donaueschingen. While enjoying the great view and following the sports you will be served with traditional and popular meals like Currywurst and French Fries.

Food Stands at the tournament place

Just next to the jumping court there are food and beverage stands with regional specialties and delicacies. Partyservice Wenzel from Geisingen und des Weinguts Clauß from Nack are known for their delicious catering and excellent wine.

Cafeteria at the tournament place

If you are looking for a good cup of coffee and a tasty piece of homemade cake or for a copious breakfast you should drop by the Cafeteria of the local association RZ Frese Immenhöfe e.V. while enjoying the great view at the terrasse.

Bar at the tournament place

During night time the terrasse becomes a party location with live music, DJs and a Open-Air-Bar.

Catering at the Exhibition

The large exhibition are located next to the jumping arena also offers a wide range of delicious products and culinary meals for every taste. Further Information about the offers and the exhibitors can be found here.